Katie Austin Demonstrates The Exact Right Way to Master 3 Basic Kettlebell Moves

Fix your form in seconds.

Like resistance bands, [tempo-ecommerce src="https://www.amazon.com/Yes4All-Vinyl-Coated-Kettlebells-Available/dp/B07CN8H9TB/" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">affordable!) workout equipment everyone is introducing into their sweat sessions. They not only help you conquer cardio and strength training simultaneously, but you could also burn up to 20 calories a minute using kettlebells, according to a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

While kettlebells have become a popular piece of workout equipment for toning the entire body, they can be tricky to master. When you increase the level of difficulty with a kettlebell, your form may suffer. Not knowing how to use them properly could also lead to an injury.

In the video above, fitness trainer and influencer Katie Austin demonstrates three quick fixes for kettlebell exercises you might be getting wrong. Grab a kettlebell so you can practice the exact right way to nail three common moves.

One-Arm Press

To fix: Engage your core and square your shoulders.

One-Arm Row

To fix: Position your feet apart, bend your knees, and keep your back flat.

Kettlebell Rotate And Press

To fix: Rotate your torso and bend your knees.

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