All you need is a medicine ball and a little bit of floor space.
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If you’re ready to amp up your workouts but aren’t sure whether to invest in resistance bands or dumbbells, might we suggest giving a medicine ball a shot?

Adding a medicine ball to your workout can help tone your body, build strength, and improve your coordination and stability. These balls come in an array of different colors, weights, and sizes, and are a surprisingly cheap piece of workout equipment you can add to your home gym.

In the video above, fitness trainer and influencer Katie Austin demonstrates how to fix three medicine ball exercises you might be getting wrong. While the moves are basic, when you increase the difficulty level with a medicine ball, your form may suffer.

Here’s how to nail three common medicine ball exercises:

Russian Twist

To fix: Don’t cross your legs; keep your chest up and shoulders back; be sure to fully rotate your torso.

Alternating Push-Up

To fix: Align your body from your head to your knees.

Total-Body Crunch

To fix: Lift your upper and lower body simultaneously.