This is the in-home workout you've been looking for.


We all tell ourselves we’re going to get to the gym every day, but you know how it goes—some days are flat out exhausting, and in the end, all you have the energy to do is go home and collapse on your bed. We get that, which is why Katie Austin is here to show you this super quick (but effective) upper-body workout you can do right in your living room. All you need is a dish towel—and some music that motivates you to pull yourself away from the comfort of your bed. (Don’t worry, you can plop down again after.)

Oblique slide

Sit on the ground and fold your legs behind you, keeping them off to one side so that you’re leaning on your right hip. Put the dish towel under your right hand, and slide your hand out to the side away from your body. Using your core, pull your hand back into your side and repeat. Do this for 10 seconds on each side.

Tricep flutters

Stand with your feet touching each other and slightly bend your knees. Lean your torso slightly forward and extend your arms out behind you, holding one end of the dishtowel in each hand. Move your arms up and down, like they’re fluttering, for 20 seconds.

Side bend

Stand with your feet wider than your shoulders and extend your arms above your head, holding one end of the dish towel in each hand. Slightly bend your right knee and right arm and pull them toward each other. Return to upright, then repeat on the other side. Do this for 20 seconds.