Life can get a little busy, making it tough to carve out time for your social life, let alone an hour for the gym. Lucky for you, this 10-minute sweat sesh packs double the moves in half the time, and it works two major muscle groups at the same time: arms and legs.

This quick, muscle-burning circuit is perfect for lunch breaks or when you’re traveling, and two dumbbells is all the gear you need. Use 3-10 pound weights, and be sure you’re challenging yourself! Don’t have dumbbells on hand? Substitute water bottles or soup cans. Get creative!

In the video above, Katie Austin demonstrates this circuit’s 8 killer moves for toning your arms and legs. Follow along and get ready to feel the burn (in the best way possible).

Reverse lunge with bicep curl

This move helps to work your legs, arms, booty, and upper body. As you lunge down, curl your arms with the dumbbells. Continuously alternate your legs as you lunge.

Squat with overhead press

Holding the dumbbells down by your sides, do a regular squat. As you come up from your squat, do an overhead press with the dumbbells, bringing your arms straight up. Remember to squeeze your glutes as you rise, and keep your core engaged.

Side lunge with bicep curl

Bring the weights to your chest in a bicep curl, as you side lunge. Make sure that as you come out of the side lunge, you’re pushing off your booty. Once you’ve completed your reps on one side, alternate and lunge to the other side.

Tricep kickback

When you do your kickback, tap one leg behind you, squeezing your glutes. Lean forward slightly, and bend the supporting knee. Keep your core tight and your arms on a hinge, steady and controlled as you push them backward (don’t swing them back).

Plank with arm rows and leg lifts

Start in the plank position (hold a dumbbell in each hand). Lift your right arm straight upward with weight in hand, returning to plank position. Repeat with your left arm, and return to plank position. Then, while keeping your arms straight in plank position, lift your left leg and come down. Repeat with your right leg.

Boat pose flutter

You don’t need weights for this move, but using dumbbells will definitely make it more challenging. Sit on the mat and grab your weights. Pick your feet off the ground, and bring out knees to a boat pose position. With your palms facing up, flutter. Engage your core and push through the burn!

Hip bridge swing

Come down on the floor with your back against the mat. Lift your butt, squeezing your glutes, into a hip bridge. Swing your hips back and forth with one dumbbell resting on your lower abdomen.

Curtsy lunge with leg lift

Hold one dumbbell with both hands in the center of your chest, and do a curtsy lunge. As you come out of the lunge, lift your leg (the one that was just behind you in the curtsy lunge) out beside you with control (don’t swing it out).