This low-impact cardio routine from Kira Stokes will have your heart pounding.

January 23, 2018

Sick of pounding out your cardio on the treadmill? Then you’ve got to try this jump-rope workout from Kira Stokes, creator of The Stoked Method. Jumping rope is a great low-impact alternative to running or high-intensity interval training, because it’s easier on the knees but still works up a major sweat. And it’s fun too! Watch the video to follow along with Stokes as she guides you through a heart-pumping 18 minutes.

First off, you’ll work on your form: “Both feet on the ground, staying light on your feet,” says Stokes. When you jump, you should only be an inch off the ground.

Jumping rope works not only your glutes, but your abs and your arms as well. As you do this routine, remember to squeeze your butt cheeks and keep your core engaged by drawing your belly button towards your spine.

Once you’re in the groove, Stokes will have you alternating your feet. From there you’ll work up to jumping jacks: hopping your feet in and out with each pass of the rope.

Stokes works tabata into her jump-rope routine by alternating between fast jumps and slow jumps. For 20 seconds, speed up your pace to raise your heart rate, then slow it back down. You’ll do that for eight rounds for the ultimate body burn.

Changing your pace not only ups the intensity of your workout, it also keep it interesting so the time ticks by faster. After the tabata section, you’ll do some balance work by jumping only on your left foot, then your right. Sound tough? Don’t worry: “Practice makes perfect,” says Stokes.