Fair warning: These are not beginner-level moves.

April 16, 2018

Jillian Michaels isn’t gonna lie—these stability ball exercises are pretty challenging. They will help you test and improve your balance while also strengthening your entire body. From side planks that work your core to a hamstring curl that tones your legs, these exercises from the celebrity trainer will get you in shape and enhance your stability and coordination.

Side Plank

Start by holding a side plank for 20 seconds on each side for two to three reps. Make sure your shoulders don’t dip down, and try to maintain your balance without moving around too much during the hold.

Elbow Driver Press

Before you become an elbow driver press pro, test your ability without a weight and use a bigger stability ball for more support. With your feet hip-width apart and your head and shoulder blades on the ball, roll and drive your arm up.

Hamstring Curl

While sitting on the floor with your legs extended, place the ball between your shins. Put one leg on top of the ball, scoot forward and rest your head, shoulders, and back on the ground. Bend your elbows and lift your opposite leg perpendicular to the ground. From there, bend and extend the leg that’s on the stability ball. Michaels calls this a ham curl to a pelvic thrust. “It’s a killer, but it’s so effective,” she says.

Core Balance with Dumbbells

Grab lighter weights (Michaels recommends 3-lb. weights to start) and balance your knees on the ball. Slowly counterbalance and do bicep curls, shoulder raises, and presses. If you want to work with a friend, try partner exercises like passing a medicine ball.