3 Ab Moves People Always Get Wrong and How to Fix Them

Take your ab routine to the next level.

Every fitness junkie should have an at-home ab routine in their back pocket for days when they just don't have time to get to the gym. The only problem: It can be hard to push yourself when you don't have your usual equipment on hand. Trainer Jillian Dreusike can help you fix that. Just grab a pair of sliders (or dish towels if you don't have any), make sure your form is on point, and you're guaranteed to feel the burn.

Here's how to fix your form with these three ab moves:

Forearm plank extensions

When doing this move, make sure your stomach doesn't scoop too low to the ground. You'll want to tilt your pelvis forward and zip your abs up to engage your core.

Pike ups

You may feel the urge to let yourself walk your feet into your chest instead of sliding them, but try to focus on making one swift movement instead of multiple small ones. Tuck your chin into your chest to help with this.

Slow mountain climbers

Instead of letting your hips fall to the ground, make sure to keep them elevated and square. This will help you engage your core, a key part of this move.

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