Kick your routine into high gear with these play-inspired moves.

How many times have you changed up your usual workout over the past year? Sure, you have to try new things to keep it interesting, but it can be tricky when you feel like you’ve run out of exercises to experiment with. Trainer Janine Delaney gets that, which is why she’s bringing you this pulse-pounding jump rope routine that’s unlike any other part of your usual regimen. These five moves that will give you a new appreciation for this intense form of cardio.


Each time your feet come off the ground, twist your body to face the opposite side of the room. To make it a little bit easier, jump twice facing each direction before switching.


While facing forward, jump slightly to the left and then slightly to the right each time your feet leave the ground.

Switch feet

Again, face forward, but each time your feet go into the air, alternate which foot is crossed in front of the other.


While skipping rope, do jumping jacks but without putting your hands over your head.


As you jump, cross and uncross both your arms and legs.

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