With their healthy recipes and motivational pics, these real women may become your new favorite follows.

By Jessica Migala
Updated July 20, 2016

When you’re looking for a new kick-butt core exercise, some healthy lunch ideas (because you're so over blah salads), or a rah-rah "You can do this!" from someone who knows the struggle is real, a quick scroll through your Insta feed may be all the inspiration you need: “Instagram can be a great place to find motivation," says Cassie Bjork, RD, founder of healthysimplelife.com. "I think the main reason it resonates with us is because images are powerful, sometimes even more powerful than words."

One word of caution: Remember to take "flawless" gym selfies with a grain of salt, Bjork says. Like with all social media, people tend to post highly-edited pics to Instagram. Something to keep in mind if you find yourself falling into the comparison trap.

Here, six real women who could become your new favorite follows, for all the practical, get-healthy inspo they serve up.


This graphic designer-turned-Soul Cycle instructor got uber fit by following the Bikini Body Guide program by Kayla Itsines. She’s attracted a following with her straight talk and contagious passion for fitness.


Yoga instructor Jeannete Ogeden posts pics of her gorgeous eats. Think sweet potato bowls, bright salads, and creative spins on toast. Her produce-focused meals will not only give you a serious case of lunch envy, but they’ll motivate you to incorporate more colorful, clean foods in your meals.


Shara Swanson is a certified personal trainer who has been documenting her body transformation over the last two years. Her relatable journey will make you think about your own get-fit path, and her before/after shots will inspire you to keep going.


Head to this health coach's page whenever you think, What should I have for dinner tonight? Her beautiful creations are a good reminder that nutritious food can be fun. (Mint chocolate chip-avocado ice cream, anyone?) Trust us, you’ll never look at salad the same way again.


You might recognize Rebecca Grafton from the cover of People magazine. The 25-year-old lost 100 pounds in two years—and her candor about the journey is easy to relate to. Along the way, Grafton posted selfies of her progress on Instagram for motivation and encouragement. Now she's offering the same kind of support to her 73,000 followers.


The personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mom of two is committed to being strong, living a balanced life, and staying honest all the way. You’ll be inspired by her mostly healthy eats; but Wiseman also shows you can get rockin’ abs even when you enjoy dessert (and the occasional mega plate of French toast).

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