Prepare to sweat.


Any kind of dancing makes for a super effective cardio routine, but there’s something about Indian dance moves that feel so fun and different, you don’t even realize you’re working out when you’re doing them. Try these energizing steps from Ailey Extension’s Masala Bhangra dance cardio workout with Sarina Jain, and you’ll see what we mean.

Dhol Beat

Start by putting your weight on your back foot and stomping with your front foot three times. Switch to the front foot between every few stomps. Extend your arms in front of you and move them up and down as your stomp your feet.

Balle Balle Knees

For this move, joyfully walk forward while you raise your right arm above your head and your left arm below your chest. When you reach a wall or end of the room, walk backward while clapping.

Up and Over

Start by standing with your legs spread apart. Step in front of your lower left leg with your right foot and raise your arms beside your head. Lower your arms to your sides and cross your legs. Uncross your right leg and raise your arms up. Then bend your arms as you cross your right leg over your left foot.

Bhangra Kick

Start by kicking your right leg out in front with your hands beside you, palms up, while lunging your arms forward. Shift your weight and hop with your right leg, kicking your left leg out with your arms above your head pushing forward.

Bhangra Groove

Start in a wide stance, your shoulders back slightly. Shimmy your shoulders as you move your arms up and down. Hop up and down for some extra flair.

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