Follow along and shake your body to the beat.


If you thought the only way to experience a new culture was to travel overseas, think again. Masala Bhangra is an Indian fitness studio located right in New York City. You might be thinking, Indian fitness studio? Come again? The studio teaches dance cardio classes inspired by Bhangra (an Indian folk dance) and Bollywood style moves and tunes.

If you don’t have any experience with Indian dance, don’t worry: The moves are super easy to follow, and this workout is all about expressing yourself, not nailing your form. Masala literally means “spicy” in Hindi, so the more spunk you bring to the dance floor, the better.

Dance is a seriously fun way to get in your cardio, which burns calories, strengthens your heart, and increases your lung capacity. Shaking your body across the floor will also help you get rid of stiffness and improve your flexibility to relieve any joint pain and even reduce post-exercise soreness.

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