Prime your muscles with a dynamic warm-up before your next winter-weather run.
Credit: Getty Images

Getty ImagesWhen it's cold outside, muscles and tendons tend to become less flexible. Vonda Wright, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, shares this dynamic warm-up to do before your next winter-weather run.

1. 30 jumping jacks

2. 30 yards of toe walking

3. 30 yards of heel walking

4. 30 yards of skipping

5. 30 seconds of hip circles (left and right)

6. 30 prisoner squats

7. 30 lunges per leg

8. 10 inch worms (Start in pushup position; walk toes to hands, then walk hands back out to start. This is one rep.)

9. 5 trunk rotations (left and right)

10. 30 yard of high knee bounding