Making a simple shift in your eating and workout habits will add up to a big difference.
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My go-to advice when it comes to weight loss is to set yourself up for success. Create a plan and execute it, guys. It’s really that simple. This is a basic shift you can make in your nutrition and workout habits that makes a bigger difference than it gets proper credit for.

If you know your week is slammed, then carve out non-negotiable workout time on Saturday and Sunday so you stay connected to your training. If you know you have a lot of lunch meetings, then make sure every other day you’re brown-bagging it. Before Monday even hits, you should know how many packed lunches you need and you will have already shopped for groceries over the weekend to get the ingredients. Then you can either take a few minutes before bed or before work to pack the lunch and you're good to go.

The most problematic scenario is when you know your “on-the-fly” choices before or after work are no bueno. Spend just an hour on Sunday prepping for the week. Boil a dozen eggs, roast a few bundles of Brussels sprouts, or make a batch of healthy turkey meatballs and now you’re at least set up with a few options you can feel good about. Heck, throw in a few chopped apples and count out 3-4 servings of raw almonds and you’ll really have no excuses not to be successful.


Photo: James White