The fundraising gimmick to save this adorable overweight pooch's life may be just the motivation you need to stick with your health resolutions.

One of the pieces of weight loss advice you've probably heard before is "use the buddy system"—bring a friend to your workouts to stay motivated, the experts say. Well, we think we've found you the perfect buddy if you don't have one already.

Please meet our new best friend and current favorite thing on the Internet: Kale Chips. He's got about 60 pounds to lose. He struggles with overeating. And he's…a beagle. He landed in a Chicago shelter after his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him, but good news: now he's on track to turn his life around in 2015.

After Chicago Animal Care and Control determined the dog's weight and health issues were too extreme for the organization to handle, the team there put out an urgent call to shelters for a transfer and One Tail at a Time took him in.

At 85 pounds, Kale Chips has quite a ways to go: a healthy male beagle should weigh around 20 to 25 pounds. Heather Owen, co-founder of One Tail at a Time suspects that Kale Chips’ elderly owner overfed him human food. According to the National Beagle Club, “Beagles are one of a very few breeds that will literally eat themselves to death.”

"He was obviously fed way too much, and he was obviously not walked; he's not really able to walk, so he wasn't getting any exercise, so that combination of intense overfeeding, having a dog that is highly food-motivated and not able to walk is how he got to where he is," Owen told ABC News.

And because we know you're wondering, no, that's not the pooch's given name. “His original name started with a ‘K’ and we like to change their names to give them a fresh start,” Owen said. “We thought Kale Chips would be funny because that’s what his future looks like.”

Now Kale Chips is on a doggy diet to help him lose a pound a week, and One Tail at a Time has devised a genius way to help him get the care he needs, while motivating humans at the same time. They're calling it the Team Kale Chips Challenge. To do it, you pledge to complete any number of miles—by walking, running, biking, swimming, or a combination of activities—by February 28th. Then, you pick an amount you're able to donate to support this adorable face on his journey to health.

To encourage yourselfto stay on top of it, you also pick an amount to pay for each mile you skip. Example: "I’m doing the Team Kale Chips Challenge. I pledge to walk 50 miles by Feb. 28. I’ll donate $1 for every mile that I log, and $5 for every mile that I’m below my goal."

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