These three moves will help you get there.

April 30, 2019

If the idea of having to do chin-ups triggers cringe-worthy memories of high school gym class, trainer and fitness guru Ashleigh Kast is here to put your fears to rest. In the video above, she shows us how to master the perfect chin-up with these three exercises.

Scap pulls with underhand grip

Grab the chin-up bar with an underhand grip. While you hang with your arms fully extended, lift and lower your body using only your shoulder blades or scapula. Your arms and hands should not move.

Isometric chin-up

Again with an underhand grip and arms extended, pull yourself up to chin-up position and hold your chin above the bar for a few seconds. Hold this position for several seconds before you release.

Eccentric chin-up

Eccentric exercises lengthen muscles as you work. With an underhand grip, pull yourself up to chin-up position. Then, lower your body down very slowly.

Your arms may shake and your abs may quiver, but don’t be alarmed. Your body is getting ready to master a full set of perfect chin-ups!

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