Tone up in no time with this back-beautifying series of poses.
Credit: Jay Sullivan

I've always had a thing for backless dresses—and I'm planning to rock one for a big wedding I'm attending in a month. To get ready, I am doing Locust variations to Bow. Not only does this series help fight that dreaded bra bulge, but it strengthens and tones your whole back, plus the shoulders and backs of your arms. Go through the cycle five to eight times, keeping abs tight to support your lower back.

Do it three to five times a week and you'll notice a real difference in three to four weeks—just in time to feel super confident in skimpier summer styles.

How to do it:

Credit: Jay Sullivan

Jay Sullivan 1. Lie on your belly, arms out to sides at shoulder height, elbows at 90 degrees (like a cactus), legs straight and open hip-width, head facing down. Inhale, lifting upper body and legs.


2. Exhale, drawing elbows in to sides and squeezing inner thighs together.


3. Inhale, clasping hands at small of back; lift hands, raising torso and legs a bit higher.


4. Exhale, lowering body slightly; bend knees and grab ankles.


5. Inhale, lifting heels away from butt and pressing shoulder blades back so thighs and upper body rise off floor. Exhale, returning to starting position.