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I travel a lot for my job, so I'm often on the go without a lot of time to exercise. Instead of skipping my workouts all together, I make up my own hotel-room workout using nothing but my body weight and furniture.I always aim for a full body routine that will burn calories, build muscle, and get my heart pumping. This 20-minute workout (including a 5-minute warm-up) will exercise your entire body and leave you a sweaty mess by the end! Even if you don't have travel plans, try this workout at home or at the gym for equally as amazing results!

After warming up for 5 minutes (try jumping jacks or jogging in pace), set your watch/clock to 15 minutes and then do as many full circuits of the following exercises in that amount of time. Move from one exercise to the next without stopping, but be sure to work at your own pace.


Note: please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.
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