Who needs the crowded gym when you can get fit at home?

By Christine Mattheis
December 29, 2016

Whether you're totally new to exercise or already a ClassPass addict, one thing's for certain: your gym will be packed to the gills in January. The annual surge of people who've made getting in shape their top New Year's resolution will leave you waiting in line for a treadmill, closed out of your favorite spin class, and fighting for a few square inches of mat space. But there's one place where you can be sure to get in a solid workout without having to elbow your way through crowds, and we're not talking about an expensive private gym: Your living room. With a few key pieces of gear and a little bit of space, you can easily get your heart pumping and muscles firing. Plus, Health.com has enough workouts to easily get you through January and beyond: we've got everything from a dance-cardio routine with Katie Austin to a HIIT yoga class with Lauren Taus and a 45-minute Burn Boot Camp class with Devan and Morgan Kline. Visit our Fitness channel for more.


All the items below are available on Amazon, and if you have a Prime membership, you'll have your gear in time for the New Year. Happy exercising!

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