Ready to try something new at the gym? This 90s-inspired hip hop dance workout will get your heart rate up.

Do you dread going to the gym? You’re not alone. For many women, just the thought of getting on the treadmill feels like a total drag, while a stint on the elliptical is to be avoided at all costs. If you’re in the “I’d rather not” camp when it comes to the standard ways to sweat it out, consider this quick (but still challenging) hip-hop dance workout.

For anyone looking to say “see ya later” to the stationary bike and treadmill, this dance cardio workout with Ailey Extension teacher TweetBoogie is a good place to start. Adding variety to your fitness routine can help you stick to your goals, and this workout is a fun way to combine cardio with strength training. While hip-hop dance may seem a little intimidating at first (after all, not everyone is a natural dancer), it’s actually very accessible, especially when broken down into simple moves.

Another reason to get your heart rate up with this routine? You’ll torch more than 400 calories in just one hour of dancing (in other words, more than you would from jogging!).

Ready to work up a sweat? In this video, TweetBoogie shows us that it is possible to break it down, have fun, and work out all at once. You can expect to feel super strong and confident as you bounce it out to the beat! Watch the video and follow along as TweetBoogie combines 90s-inspired hip-hop moves to create an easy-to-follow routine that will get your heart rate up and put a smile on your face, stat.