The fitness expert shares how she flows through her discomfort.

March 21, 2018

Hilaria Baldwin is expecting baby No. 4 this spring, and she’s sharing her five best moves for a pain-free pregnancy. The yoga guru and wife of actor Alec Baldwin says she often suffers from restless leg syndrome. When she has these bouts of pain, she grabs her yoga mat and gets moving.

“You can stop and drop and do it,” she says, adding that she typically experiences pain at night. “I do it. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m the one carrying the baby so I get to do whatever I want.”

The first of several moves in this video is downward dog—with a twist. For this exercise, she recommends starting in a downward facing dog with your feet as wide as the mat and your toes turned inward. Pedal your feet and then extend your right leg down and behind you for the second pose: a downward dog split.

With the same foot, flow into lizard pose, the third move, by placing your right foot outside your right hand. Baldwin provides several modifications depending on your flexibility.

Her fourth suggestion is the squat, a popular pose among pregnant yogis. If you aren’t comfortable squatting, try supporting yourself with pillows or a block. Repeat this motion on the other side.

Baldwin finishes her six-minute routine with a figure four stretch. Make sure your bent knee and ankle are in a straight line, and that your ankle is directly over your opposite knee. If you can, fold forward for an extra stretch.

But don’t get discouraged if your belly gets in the way. “As your belly gets bigger, obviously, you will not be able to lower as much,” she says.