This quick routine combines yoga and high-intensity interval training for a full-body burn.

Updated October 09, 2020

If you’re trying to break free from a workout rut, this quick at-home routine is just what you need. The 23-minute sweat session combines elements of yoga and high-intensity interval training to generate a full-body burn in a short period of time. All you need to is a yoga mat, so go grab yours and follow along as personal trainers Serena Tom and Chris Chang take you through each exercise.

You’ll begin in triangle pose to stretch out your hamstrings, and open your chest and hips. Next you’ll transition into reverse warrior for a deep side stretch, followed by extended triangle pose. For the remainder of the yoga portion, you’ll flow through plank pose, chaturanga, and down dog, ending in chair pose.

Then it’s time for the HIIT portion of the workout, which consists of two circuits. Each has three exercises that you’ll do three times. Be sure to do each exercise for 30 seconds to max out your burn. You’ll have a 15-second rest between each move.

Circuit 1 starts with a basic squat. You can add a jump to make the exercise more advanced. Next up: 30 seconds of push-ups, and 30 seconds of mountain climbers. Repeat this sequence three times to work up a serious sweat.

For circuit 2, you’ll begin with reverse lunges. Alternating between legs, step back into a lunge position, hold for a moment, then switch legs. You can amp up this exercise by adding a jump as you switch legs. The second move is a walk-out. Begin by standing up, then slowly bend at the hips and touch the floor in front of your toes; walk your hands out until you’re in a plank pose. Then walk your hands back and stand. Last but not least: burpees!