Prepare to sweat.

Updated June 12, 2018

Devan Kline, founder of Burn Boot Camp, and Beth Williams, a franchise partner and personal trainer, stopped by our offices to show us a 25-minute full-body conditioning routine. Complete with modifications to meet any exercise level, the circuit developed by these two fitness pros will have you up and moving. All you need is a mat, and you’ll be ready to feel the burn. To follow along without sound, see below for an explanation of each part of this workout.

Warm Up

Start in a boxer stance, bouncing up and down. Doing this between all the exercises will keep your heart rate high. The warmup consists of three exercises, and you should perform each two times for one minute for each round.

Full Body Tap: Get in a plank position. While keeping your shoulders above the top of your hands, tap these body parts: shoulders, hips, knees, and toes. For a modification, do this exercise on your knees.

Squats: Drop your hips until low at the ground. Your quads should be aligned with your hips. If you’re injured, try the “steam engine” modification: keep your hands by your ears and bring one knee up, then the other. For a more challenging version, elevate the move by popping up when you squat (in other words, doing jump squats).

Rope Pull: Keep your hands up and reach into the sky as you kick the opposite knee up. Draw in your belly button as you climb. Modify by slowing down the movement and eliminating the hop.

Now it’s time to get to the main event: five exercises for two rounds. In the first round, perform all five for one minute. To close out the routine, cut the series in half and do each exercise for 30 seconds.

Exercise 1: Push Up to Power Plank

Get into a plank position and “explode,” hopping your feet outside of your hands. Perform a push-up, keeping your elbows tight as you lower yourself into position. For a modification, do the push-up on your knees and then step up your feet to the outside of your hands on both sides.

Exercise 2: Heismans

While moving side to side, shuffle and stop, exploding up with your inner leg. Modify by stepping and driving your knee at a slower pace. Take the intensity up and go to full speed with an even more explosive knee drive and short taps between each.

Exercise 3: Hip Bridges

Lower to the ground and get your heels right below your knees. Squeeze hips up into the sky. Intensify this move by putting one leg up off the ground. For an even more difficult method, you can also make it a plyometric with a hop; this keeps your heart rate up.

Exercise 4: Low Plank Jack

Go down to your elbows and get into a plank position with a neutral spine. Then go into a jack, moving your legs out and in. You can modify by stepping out and in. For any modification, keep in mind that this is a slow and controlled exercise. Make sure your hips are dropped and keep your butt low. For the last 10 seconds, kick this step into overdrive and go faster.

Exercise 5: Quarter Burpee

Start in a squat position and go down to a squat. Put your hands on the ground, go back to a burpee, and jump back. If you’re a beginner, aim for 10 burpees in a minute. After that, shoot for 15, 20, or 25, depending on your skill level.

Williams and Kline swap positions for round two. Here, Williams motivates Kline (and the rest of us) to kick it up a notch.

For exercise 1, try plyometric push-ups: adding a clap as you come up from each push-up.

For exercise 2, do a 180 squat. During your Heisman, squat down and make a 180 turn before continuing the rest of the exercise.

For exercise 5, modify by coming out of the squat and into a knee tuck before you go down into your burpee.

“Just when you think you’ve given everything...oh no, that’s not how we do it,” Williams said in the video. Now, it’s time for the last part of the routine, or what they call “the finisher.”

The Finisher

Half Burpee: Keep your eyes forward, go into a plank position, hop your legs forward into a squat, and jump up. Modify by stepping legs back and in and coming to a standing position.

V Up: Keep a neutral spine and reach up to your toes as you bring your legs up. Modify by moving one leg at a time, keeping the other leg on the ground.

Cool Down

Now it’s time to lower your heart rate. Put your hands in the sky with your palms forward and roll elbows down. As soon as your hands hit hip level, reach down and touch the ground. Do this exercise three times.

If you’ve made it here, congratulations! You’ve finished your 25-minute Burn Boot Camp workout. Before you move on to your next activity, Kline and Williams say no boot camp is complete without two claps. Clap! Clap!