Spotify analyzed what runners listened to in 2015 to come up with this ultimate list of running songs.
Credit: Getty Images

For many runners, a good playlist is as important as a decent pair of shoes. If you're looking for some inspiration going into 2016 (or just in the mood for a bit of nostalgia), Spotify has you covered. The streaming service released the world's most popular running songs of 2015 in one complete playlist.

To come up with the list, Spotify mined worldwide data from both their Spotify Running feature (which uses a sensor to determine your pace and provides music to match your tempo), as well as user-created playlists featuring iterations of the word "running" to find which songs were most streamed by runner over the past year. What they ended up with is 50 heart-pumping, crowd-approved tunes that will get you moving, ranging from some of 2015's biggest hits to pop classics (TLC's "No Scrubs" came in at #8). And no surprise here: Two of Beyoncé's songs—"Run the World (Girls)" and "7/11"—fell into the top 10.

Were any of these on your playlists in 2015?

[spotify id="spotify:user:spotifyusa:playlist:5ZPorhJ4XPo5FzrSAyFhXN" width="300" height="380" /]

Whether your goal is to run a race, run faster, or just to get started hitting the pavement, you might find that some music makes all the difference. Studies have shown that listening to music while working out not only makes it more enjoyable, but may also enhance your performance.

So go ahead—lace up those sneakers and get hydrated, because with this playlist you'll stay motivated mile after mile.