The Handstand T-Shirt Challenge Is All Over Social Media—So We Asked a Celeb Trainer to Critique It

This challenge takes some serious upper body strength.

You've probably seen some amazing physical feats and crazy hacks on the internet. But are they really possible for everyone and safe to do? Health vs. The Internet ask real experts to review, examine, and judge if that hashtag challenge is real or not.

Celebrities from Tom Holland to Jake Gyllenhaal are attempting the "handstand T-shirt challenge" that's gone viral on TikTok—and celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson has some serious thoughts.

This move is "a fun and cute little way to challenge people to do something that promotes upper body strength," Peterson tells Health. But it's also risky, requiring a person to be upside down for an extended period of time while putting on a shirt and risking slipping and falling. (Unfortunately one of the challengers took a tumble that way.)

It also requires a decent amount of upper body strength as you hold yourself up against or wall, or even riskier, without a wall prop—as actress Kailey Maurer demonstrates.

So how do you attempt the handstand T-shirt challenge safely? First, do some prep work: Make sure the area around you is clean and safe, and do it on a carpet or wooden surface, not a rug

After that, form is a big part of succeeding, says Peterson. If you want to learn the proper way to do the handstand T-shirt challenge safely, watch Peterson's critiques of Tom Holland's handstand T-shirt challenge above.

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