Inner thighs can be hard to firm up, but this series gets the job done...with a fun side benefit.
Credit: Jay Sullivan

Before I discovered yoga, my thighs—especially the inner parts—were a bit, well, jiggly. Now, I've found a way to tone them up all over: Sumo Squat to Warrior 2 to Reverse Warrior to Extended Side Angle to Reverse Triangle (go through the sequence three times on both sides, three to five times a week).

You'll burn close to 100 calories if you do it for just 15 minutes. This series also strengthens and stretches my hips, waist, and butt, so I feel more confident in shorts. Plus, there's this extra benefit: a better sex life. Not only do these poses help you get into and hold positions more easily, but they also work your pelvic floor, leading to easier, stronger O's.


Jay Sullivan1. Sumo Squat
With legs a bit wider than hip-width, turn toes out to 45 degrees, hands in prayer position. Inhale, push hips back, bend knees to come over toes.


2. Warrior 2
Exhale, stretching arms out to sides. Turn left foot out 90 degrees, keeping left knee bent over ankle; at same time, turn right toes in 45 degrees and straighten right leg.


3. Reverse Warrior
Inhale, dropping right hand down back of right leg as you arch gently back, bringing left arm back overhead at a 45-degree angle (keep front knee bent).


4. Extended Side Angle
Exhale, hinging forward; bring left forearm across thigh and right arm forward and overhead. Repeat steps 3 and 4 two more times, then go to step 5.


5. Reverse Triangle
Inhale, returning right hand to back leg and arching torso and left hand back while straightening front leg. Exhale, pivoting left toes in and right toes out; bend knees to return to squat with hands in prayer position. Repeat sequence on opposite side.