Follow this advice to help you feel better, get motivated, and get back on track.

Did you recently return from a wonderful, relaxing, and indulgent vacation? Was the name of the game eat, drink, and be merry? Of course, indulging is what vacation is all about, but now you want to get back on track. Here are 3 tips to help you feel better and get motivated. You may even feel better after your vacation than when you left!


Don’t dwell on the past

Instead of dwelling on the diet mistakes that I made on vacation (late-night pizza anyone?), I focus my attention on the future and getting fit and healthy once and for all. If I’ve gained a few pounds, I remember that they aren’t permanent. If I’ve indulged a little too much or skipped too many sweat sessions, I don’t get down on myself. Beating myself up about mistakes I’ve made won’t help me eat healthier or exercise more, so I make a mental note to work hard, think positive, and move forward with my health and fitness goals. There's no looking back now!

Schedule 3 workouts right now

Did you take a vacation from your workouts on spring break? No worries—a lot of us do. Now's the time to get back on track! Instead of letting your inactivity spiral into days (and maybe even weeks) of skipping workouts, schedule three right now. Browse the group exercises classes at your gym, text a friend about a run together, or register for a spinning class online. No matter what you choose for your workout, pencil it in right now. That way, you will stick to your planned sweat sessions and get the ball rolling for staying on track until summer.

Plan your splurges wisely

If you're at all like me, I enjoy splurging on vacation. I mean, who can turn down a couple cocktails or delicious desserts when you're in the mood to relax? But, of course, too much indulging has left me returning from my time away a few pounds heavier and not too happy with myself. To make up for all of those splurges, I clean up my diet, but I don't make crazy restrictions either. I still allow myself a treat from time to time, but I make sure it’s worth it. For instance, I'll opt for baby carrots and hummus in my grocery cart instead of potato chips, but I’ll splurge later in the week by going out to dinner with friends. Instead of regular, not-so-healthy food that doesn’t mean much in the long run, I carefully pick my splurges. That way, I am able to stick to my healthy diet, but I don't "punish" myself by missing out on fun social activities or little treats here and there, which makes my way of eating realistic for the long-term so I see results.
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