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Sure, it’s a bit chilly outside, but you still need to hydrate! Do the earth a favor—skip the plastic throw-aways and try one of these excellent new bottles. All are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


What’s so great: So handy! I can just fill it up and lay it on its side in the fridge—it doesn’t roll, use a ton of space, or get shoved behind the milk so I forget it’s there. (If I had multiple bottles, they’d stack neatly together.) The airtight seal on the cap keeps it from leaking (even upside down), and all it takes to open is a quick twist and pull (no need to unscrew). The 16-ounce version fits well both in my purse and the bottle cage on my bike.

One caveat: Don’t put it in the freezer.

What it’ll cost you: $7.25 (16-oz) and $12.61 (32-oz) at Amazon.com


What’s so great: The inside of this 22-ounce bottle is coated with a naturally-occurring compound called silicon dioxide that’s meant to act as a shield against lingering tastes, smells, and stains. And it does! I left water in this bottle out on the counter for 24 hours and it still tasted fresh (which is amazing, since usually by that point liquid tastes like warm plastic—ugh). Next, I left orange sports drink in it overnight, then rinsed the bottle with water…and poof! Smell and color gone. Other things I like: It looks and squeezes like a regular sports bottle, and the water flows out really easily when you want it to. What's more, you can freeze it, then let the ice melt while you work out.

One caveat: It's nothing special in the looks department.

What it’ll cost you: $10 at Specialized.com


What’s so great: We recently got rid of our clunky faucet filter, but I still enjoy the taste of filtered water. This pretty 20-ounce flip-top bottle gives me just that, thanks to a plant-based filter inside the straw. It’s made with a double wall, so it not only keeps my water cooler longer, but the outside of the bottle doesn’t get all sweaty and slippery from condensation. It’s a little too big to use during a workout, but just the thing to keep in the car while running errands, or on my desk during the day to remind me to drink more. Love the bite valve, too; I just bite and sip, without ever having to tip the bottle.

One caveat: Remove the filter before washing.

What it’ll cost you: $30 at Camelbak.com