Watch this video for an 18-minute Sculpt Society workout that will ramp up your heart rate and deliver a total-body burn.

February 13, 2018

Have you ever nixed a workout because you just couldn’t fit in a gym visit? Us too. Luckily, there’s a fix for that. On days where you can only devote 20 minutes to fitness, your best bet is an at-home workout that packs tons of action in a short period of time. For that type of high-intensity sweat session, look no further than this routine from The Sculpt Society creator and trainer Megan Roup. In 18 minutes, Roup will ramp up your heart rate and deliver a total-body burn thanks to a quick series of exercises that work the arms, butt, core, and thighs all at once.

The only equipment you’ll use during Roup’s routine are sliders, or small circular disks that slide along the floor beneath your feet or hands while you complete different moves. If you don’t have sliders at home, don’t worry. You can still do the workout: Simply use a small hand towel instead. The cloth will work just as well to challenge your balance and force you to keep your core super strong throughout the routine.

In this video, Roup demonstrates how to add sliders (or towels) to standard exercises like curtsy squats, dynamic lunges, and moving planks. The result is an extra tough bodyweight workout that will leave you breathless in less than 20 minutes.

Follow along for a taste of the strengthening exercises that Roup teaches in her coveted The Sculpt Society classes, then integrate the moves into your regular routine for sustained results, like cut abs and sculpted glutes.