Break a sweat to the beat.


Is there a better way to move your body than by getting lost in the rhythm of music? That’s what FORWARD__Space, a dance fitness studio in New York City, is here to help you do. Their motto: beats high, lights low. Breaking a sweat to the beat is just what you need to change up your usual workout routine. Plus, dancing works your body in ways other workouts just can’t.

When you’re rocking your body across the dance floor, you’ll shake out stiffness and improve your flexibility. This will help relieve any joint pain and even reduce post-exercise soreness. Dance is also a killer form of cardio, which torches calories, strengthens your heart, and increases your lung capacity.

If you still need one more reason to give it a go, try looking at dance as a natural mood enhancer, thanks in part to the upbeat music and the contagious energy of other dancers around you. So put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to rock.

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