By Sarah DiGiulio
Dig in to this classic sweet-and-salty chow, in which natural ingredients keep the snack healthy without skimping on taste.

The product: Angie’s Kettle Corn in Classic, Caramel, and Lite ($3.59 for 5- to 7-ounce bags; available at Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and other grocers nationwide)

The taste factor: This crispy popcorn with sugar and sea salt has the classic sweet-and-salty crunch. A little extra sweetness gives the caramel flavor a creamy, buttery hint.

The health factor: Sugar- and salt-laden kettle corn has the potential to be a fat and sodium bomb—but these varieties have mostly the good-for-you poly- and monounsaturated fats, and keep sodium in check (140 milligrams or less per serving). The super-short ingredients lists on these bags doesn't include preservatives or artificial flavors. Both Original and Lite have just popcorn, corn oil, sugar, and sea salt.

Editor's pick: A few handfuls of the Original flavor (and a sparkling water to wash it down) satisfy my midafternoon sweet-and-salty cravings.

Why we love it:
Classic kettle corn flavor without the overdose of fat, sugar, and salt keeps this snack tasty and smart.