I Tried an Xtend Barre Class—Here's What the Workout Is Really Like

Watch our HIIT-loving, marathon-running fitness editor pulse her heart out.

Let me be honest. I haven’t taken barre in a very long time. I’m talking several years. And I decided to get reacquainted with this specific workout just a mere five days after I had run the New York City Marathon—my second marathon in seven weeks.

But I love a challenge and wasn’t (too) afraid of tackling Xtend Barre, so I figured why not. Full disclosure, I am more of a HIIT girl than a ballet girl—though I did take ballet and tap as a child and modern dance through fifth grade. Check out the video above to see what the class was really like.

And if you’re thinking about trying Xtend Barre, here’s what you need to know:

Barre Basics

Just about any barre class will be mainly core and lower body focused, and have you working it out at the barre for a portion of the class. You can also expect your legs to endure a generous amount of tiny, pulsing movements as your body is treated to a bevy of toning tools, including dumbbells, resistance bands, and exercise balls.

I took the Signature Xtend Barre class, which they describe as “a low-impact barre program with a Pilates foundation for a full-body workout.”

What I Got From The Workout

I think Xtend Barre was comparable to what you’d get in any similar workout. Lots of pulsing—up an inch and down an inch. And a whole lot of props, and I'm not talking about compliments on your great form here, but those toning tools I mentioned earlier. And, of course, time at the barre.

I will say, I was surprised at how high-energy this 45-minute workout felt. I think I’ll credit that to our instructor, Andrea Rogers—she is a little bundle of spunk and I was here for it.

One thing I love was that after we worked a muscle, then we stretched it out, so it was a nice balance—especially considering that my legs were killing me.

Is Xtend Barre For You?

This workout is for you if you are drawn to dance class, especially ballet, or are a fan of Pilates. You’ll probably really enjoy this class. The foundation of this class seems to be built upon those movement methods.

You should pass if you aren’t big on ballet or moves that focus on small muscles you weren’t aware you even had. That said, you never know if you’ll like a workout until you try it, so I don’t want to discourage anyone from pulsing their little hearts out in this class.

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