July 27, 2017

When you scroll through your favorite fitness star’s Instagram, you're likely encounter an array of awe-inspiring pics demonstrating their athletic ability or amazing flexibility. It can be really easy to get lost in the sea of seemingly perfect pictures, and assume that every single burpee, push-up, and headstand comes ridiculously easy to them. But the reality is, even the ultra-fit struggle with workouts from time to time. Watch this video to learn which exercises some fitness influencers find really challenging. Their answers may surprise you!

No time to watch the video? Here’s a sneak peek at their answers:

The workout that is most challenging for me is distance running.” —Jessamyn Stanley

“Lifting huge enormous weights or playing tennis.” —Tracy Anderson

“The one workout that’s most challenging for me is high intensity interval training.” —Kristin McGee

I think HIIT workouts are really challenging for me, but that’s why I love doing them.”—Katie Austin

Burpees, HIIT workouts are really hard—but they work!” —Denise Austin

“Ballet! I truly believe that it’s the hardest thing physically for someone to achieve because you can’t ever perfect it. So yeah, I think classical ballet is probably the hardest.”—Misty Copeland