July 31, 2017

Whether it’s someone hogging the elliptical or a stationary bike seat coated in sweat, we all have gym pet peeves that get under our skin in a major way. And fitness influencers certainly aren’t immune to these annoyances. Watch this video to learn what six stars absolutely can’t stand at the gym.

Watch the video: 6 Total-Body Moves to Get Ready for Summer with Tracy Anderson

No time to watch? Here’s a sneak peek at their answers:

“I’m a germ freak, so anything dirty or sweaty.” —Denise Austin

“Someone talking on the phone.” —Kristin McGee

“Air conditioning.” —Tracy Anderson

“I’m not a big makeup girl, and if I’m working out, I’m working out. I’m not going to the gym to be pretty. So when I see people with their hair down and makeup on and a little bra, I’m like: ‘Girl, just get sweaty and do what you need to do.’” —Misty Copeland

“I don’t feel the most comfortable in a gym, that is a huge pet peeve. And that’s why I mostly stick to at-home workouts.” —Katie Austin

“People having any kind of superior attitude towards others or over others. Everyone that’s coming into a room, showing up for their health, should be for each other.” —Tracy Anderson

“My biggest pet peeve in the yoga studio or in the gym is sending self-hate to other people.” —Jessamyn Stanley