6 Fitness Stars Share When They Feel Most Beautiful

Fact: Beauty is about so much more than appearance. If you picture a time when you felt most beautiful, it probably wasn’t when your makeup was flawless, or when you were rocking a hot new outfit. Chances are, you felt optimally gorgeous while doing something that made you feel strong and confident, or while spending time with people you love the most.

That’s when fitness stars like Tracy Anderson and Misty Copeland feel their best, too. Watch this video for quotes on true beauty from six of your favorite gurus. And if you don’t have time to watch the whole video, we’ve included their inspirational words below:

“When I’m covered in sweat and I’m so tired but I’m feeling powerful and I’m feeling strong.” —Jessamyn Stanley

“I gained so much confidence, and energy and positivity from working out, and that definitely makes me feel beautiful.” —Katie Austin

“My yoga practice.” —Kristin McGee

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“I feel the most beautiful around my children because they’re judging me purely from my heart and who I am, and not at all what I look like.” —Tracy Anderson

“I think when I’m in a place where I feel really at peace with myself and who I am, and just content with my life, that’s when I feel the most powerful and in control and beautiful.” —Misty Copeland

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