The 15 Best Fitness Journals to Track Your Health and Wellness Goals

Whether you want to lose weight, meditate more, or follow a healthier diet, these thoughtful journals and planners will help you. 

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Beginning a fitness journey may seem daunting, especially if it's your first time dabbling in the world of health and wellness. Rest assured that there are several hacks that will make the process feel less overwhelming. For many, jotting down their workouts each day—and doing so in a notebook the old-fashioned way—is an easy method to keep yourself accountable and stay on track.

But we're not talking about your average notebook. Just like there are daily planners to help you track your everyday tasks, fitness journals can be used to organize everything from your workouts to the foods you'll buy at the grocery store as part of your meal prep plan. And, depending on the journal you've chosen, your notebook could also provide guided prompts to assess your mental health, track your progress, and set thoughtful new goals and intentions.

Whether you're looking to exercise more, establish a new diet, or get serious about meditation, our favorite fitness journals, listed below, will help track not only your exercises, but your meals and mental health each day.

The best fitness journals you can buy:

Best Overall: Clever Fox Wellness Planner

wellness planner

What you'll love: Designed with fitness experts, this versatile planner encompasses major health and wellness components so you can track your activities, water, and food intake and set daily priorities to help you get closer to your goals. Inside, you'll find pages dedicated to goal setting, weekly habit tracking, monthly calendars, daily food logs, grocery planning, activity trackers, result recording, mood rating, and more. The six-month journal features a sturdy leather cover and comes equipped with an elastic penholder, a closure band, bookmarks, a pocket for notes, and organizational stickers.

Rave review: "I recently got diagnosed with prediabetes and had to change," an Amazon shopper explained. "Doing a calorie tracker with exercise as well as tracking my sugar level was a must and this journal was perfect. It even had a calendar too. The weekly review is amazing and I can't wait to do my monthly review of my progress. Thanks to this journal I have been able to track my progress and I have already lost 29 pounds by just watching what I eat."

Best for Beginners: Fitlosophy 16-Week Fitness-Meets-Gratitude Journal

wellness planner

What you'll love: With 114 pages for daily health ratings, workout notes, meal planning, and mood checks, you'll be able to mark off goals and take the stress out of kick-starting a fitness plan. The journal is filled with inspirational quotes and has blank pages dedicated to journaling and recording your thoughts. You'll also find helpful fitness tips throughout the six-week notebook.

Rave review: "Love the simplicity of filling out just a few items to track goals and gratitude," a reviewer shared, noting that they use the journal to track everyday tasks. "[I'm] on day 13, and my habits are changing: Moving, eating healthier, reading, and reflecting."

Best Undated: Life & Apples Wellness Planner

wellness planner

What you'll love: This undated 90-day planner works within your schedule and doesn't restrict you to a timeline. Instead, it motivates you to set goals pertaining to your diet and exercise routine with guided prompts for meal planning, workout tracking, and wellness check-ins. There's also a section dedicated to reviewing your week and celebrating your progress. To ensure ease of use, the journal comes with a pen holder, closure band, two bookmarks, custom stickers, and an inner pocket for notes.

Rave review: "It's just what I was looking for to provide a holistic focus on losing weight," one Amazon customer began, praising the notebook's "discreet and professional" cover in their review. "I love the end-of-week review section where I can reflect on what worked and what didn't, or where I can improve. Along with my food plan, I lost 5.2 pounds this past week. Planning is the foundation."

Best for Nutrition Tracking: NewMe Fitness Journal

fitness planner

What you'll love: Embracing new eating habits isn't always an easy feat. With the NewMe Fitness Journal, you're given the space to brainstorm, prioritize, and reflect on your diet with thoughtful prompts. After writing down your nutrition goals, the 132-page pick asks you to record your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, as well as your water intake, sleep schedule, workout routine, and mood level. If you're looking to lose weight, there are pages to track your weight, body fat percentage, measurements, and more. It also includes a calorie and macro chart for common foods so you can better plan your meals.

Rave review: "I was hesitant to purchase this journal because I have tried all sorts of apps to help track my nutrition and workouts, which have not been successful," one shopper wrote in their review. "It has made a huge difference in my progress. It has kept me more motivated and on track with my meal plan and workouts, and has made me more aware of the hours I sleep and my water intake." In fact, it's also a favorite for personal trainers for tracking the progress of their clients.

Best Purse-Sized: Erin Condren Wellness Log

wellness planner

What you'll love: If there isn't much room to spare in your purse or gym bag, this petite wellness planner is the perfect size for you. Complete with a sticker sheet and 80 pages to jot down your progress, the 6-inch by 8-inch fitness log will help you organize six months' worth of workouts, steps, water intake, sleep habits, and meals. It makes meeting your fitness goals fun and easy with helpful goal spreads, checklists, and health trackers.

Rave review: "I'm currently trying to recover from a binge eating disorder," said one Amazon shopper. "I can track down and write what I eat, as well as how much water I drink per day. For me, that's pretty awesome! I take it with me everywhere, it's small but perfect for me. It can fit in your bag very well." They added, "Even if you don't struggle with [an eating disorder], this is perfect for people who want to track their lifestyle and fitness habits!"

Best for Weight Loss: Fitlosophy Fitbook

fitness planner

What you'll love: The Fitlosophy Fitbook makes following a weight loss nutrition and exercise plan simple with its detailed layout, which includes a daily food and exercise log that breaks down everything from your vitamins and water intake to your strength training and cardio. There are prompts to monitor your weight, body fat percentage, waist measurement, bench press weight, and more. Weekly wrap-up sections monitor your progress so you can reflect on your diet and workout efforts, as well as journal your thoughts and goals for the upcoming week. Users also have access to the FitBook+ app, which helps you establish healthy goals for the 12-week period.

Rave review: "My experience with calorie counting is that I often under-eat and it's not a healthy or sustainable way to lose weight. This book let's me make my food choices on whether or not they're good for me, not by their calorie content," one customer shared, adding, "I like this system because it doesn't rely on hard numbers and it truly makes you think about what you're putting in your body."

Best Motivational: Wellness Planner

wellness planner

What you'll love: If self-motivation is an area you struggle with, you'll enjoy the inspirational quotes and mindful prompts awaiting you in this fitness journal. It's filled with informative passages and useful advice from fitness experts, along with dedicated sections for intention, self-care, headspace, physical wellness, and nutrition and activity trackers for each. For added inspiration, there are tear-out cards with words of encouragement and tons of fun stickers.

Rave review: "I am going through a difficult time with my mental health and got this to motivate myself to take care of myself and track my progress," one reviewer said. "It's so beautifully made, and I love that I can track my menstrual cycle and my medication changes." Another wrote, "Love the layout and the punch-out cardstock cards to include in a vision board, desktop at work, or anywhere you need to remind yourself of your worth and your goals…Lots of self-care tips and reminders that you are absolutely worth it!"

Best for Goal Setting: Papier Boho Rainbow Daily Planner

wellness planner

What you'll love: You've identified your 2022 fitness goal—great! But, how do you achieve it? This aesthetically pleasing journal takes the guesswork out of goal planning with its thoughtful prompts, which map out your top three priorities for the week and your important "to-dos" so you can stay on track and motivated. There's also a meal planner, schedule, habit tracker, shopping list, and space to include fun details like upcoming plans. The pages are undated, so you can use the planner whenever you like!

Rave review: While this particular Boho Rainbow planner hasn't garnered any reviews yet, other daily planners from Papier (same interior, different cover) have received glowing reviews. One shopper said of the Joy planner, "Great quality planner. Love the layout and how there's plenty of room to write."

Best for Progress Tracking: Sore Today Strong Tomorrow Fitness Planner

fitness planner

What you'll love: Recognizing your progress and celebrating your accomplishments are essential—and oftentimes overlooked—components in any successful fitness journey. This super motivational fitness journal includes unique planning pages, like a monthly habits chart and tracker, as well as a monthly workout tracker so that you can look back at your progress a month at a time.

Rave review: "Everything you'd want in a fitness planner is lined out in this book," raved one reviewer. "This is the best little helper you could have for getting on track with your fitness! As a diabetic, I've just rededicated myself to eating better and exercising more, so this book came right on time for me and will keep me on track for a long time."

Best for Training: Workout Log Gym Journal

gym diary

What you'll love: Make the most of your workout, whether it's in the gym, the studio, or in your garage, with this helpful tracker. There's room to record up to 100 workouts in full detail, prompting you to include up to 11 exercises per sweat session as well as your tempo, rest intervals, and cardio duration. The journal encourages you to set six fitness goals and set a target date before beginning. There are also pages dedicated to recording your body weight and measurements so you can track your progress.

Rave review: "It's an awesome workout logbook," exclaimed an Amazon customer. "Every Sunday I plan out my workout for the week. I write in the planner with notes and follow through as the week goes. Each sheet provides enough space to write your exercise and the info on each set."

Best Quality: Moleskine Passion Wellness Journal

wellness planner

What you'll love: A splurge-worthy pick, the Moleskin Passion Wellness Journal makes tracking your fitness journey feel luxurious with its softcover and ivory pages. Inside, the journal is sectioned into four categories for your convenience: personal goals, fitness, diet, and health and care. You can track your workouts, plan your weekly schedule, concoct your meals, and monitor your progress.

Rave review: "I adore this wellness journal," a reviewer wrote. "The feel of the book, the pages, just working with it brings me joy! Two bookmark ribbons are so handy. Focused pages for set intentions, great spaces for goal setting, monthly and weekly—daily activity, thoughts, efforts, and so much more. Loads of extra, blank, lined, and dotted pages for other purposes, similar to a bullet journal."

Best for Runners: Gone For a Run Day-by-Day Run Planner

running planner

What you'll love: Want to start running again? Or, maybe you're training for a big race? Either way, this detailed fitness journal will help you make major strides towards your goals. Filled with inspirational quotes and useful tips, the Gone For a Run daily planner allows you to track your performance by recording every element of your runs like distance, pace, and weather conditions. There are also sections to document your weekly and monthly mileage, personal records, and running bucket list, plus a part to log your races.

Rave review: "This is seriously the best running journal I've ever come across," an Amazon reviewer said. "I am not a daily runner, and most of the running journals I found have been dated. This journal is undated and has places for me to write basically everything about my runs I would ever need."

Best Budget: Zeitgeist ​​Wellness Training for a Healthy Life: A Daily Food and Fitness Journal

wellness planner

What you'll love: This affordable journal roughly costs the same as your morning latte and is filled with helpful and motivational prompts to fuel you through your wellness journey. Begin each day by setting your goals and intentions, then go back and record what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are sections to track your workouts, weight, water intake, and sleep. At the end of each day, go back in and reflect on your progress by writing down your mood and the ways you cared for yourself.

Rave review: "Writing daily goals has helped me focus on one day at a time, and I love that it's not an endless journal. It's 13 weeks. So you can set a small goal and focus on that, and then see your "end" results. For me it's more effective than any other journal I have tried so far," a shopper wrote, ending their review with, "And good luck on your journey to a healthier, stronger, happier you!"

Best for Wellness: Papier Rise and Shine Wellness Journal

wellness planner

What you'll love: With mindful-oriented, intention-setting prompts, the Rise and Shine Wellness Journal creates a safe place to explore your feelings, moods, and habits. This 12-week notebook features prompts to record your daily goals, meals, activities, water intake, and sleep, plus a section to reflect on the things you're grateful for. There's even a special part dedicated towards self-care, ensuring that you always set aside time for yourself. Words of encouragement and insightful passages are placed throughout to help you stay motivated and feel good.

Best for Weight Lifters: Habit Nest ​​The Weightlifting Gym Buddy Journal

lifting journal

What you'll love: Every lifter needs a gym buddy, even if it's in the form of a notebook. This unique fitness journal from Habit Nest guides you through a 12-week training program by tracking your weight, sets, and reps. This beginner-friendly pick even includes guided workouts and illustrations of certain moves so you can confidently jump into a routine; each workout is broken into two primary muscle groups and you can record up to four exercises per section. There's also space to set goals, jot down your cardio, and monitor the intensity of each sweat session.

Rave review: "I am a petite female with a little bit of background knowledge on weightlifting, but never enough to feel confident on my own in the gym," a customer explained in their Amazon review. "I always had every intention of learning more, I just wasn't sure how...until I discovered this journal. Not only is it motivating, but it is packed with information that Truly helps you feel confident and comfortable in what you're doing."

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