The 8 Best Workout Sliders Under $25, According to Amazon Reviewers

Build a stronger core and glutes at home, no expensive equipment needed.
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Best Workout Sliders
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After nearly a year of quarantine-inspired workouts, workout sliders have stepped into the spotlight as the perfect piece of indoor fitness gear. Compact, portable, inexpensive, and effective, exercise sliders help you build core muscles you never knew you had in a few simple yet powerful moves—and fitness experts love them.

Benefits of workout sliders

According to personal trainer and [solidcore] instructor Raven Jelks, core sliders add a degree of instability to your workout, forcing your muscles to activate more effectively. "They are particularly beneficial in activating your glutes and core, as those muscle fire to help you control the movement and keep you from sliding all over the place," Jelks tells Health. The more activation of those key muscles, the stronger they'll get over time.

How to use workout sliders

Getting on your hands and knees, place one slider under the ball of each foot or the palm of your hand, gradually moving one foot or hand away from your core and back in, keeping your balance steady. Upon mastering this movement, you can move on to more balance-intensive moves. Jelks maintains that you should keep your core and glutes engaged to avoid injury and protect your lower back. "Slow and steady is the name of the game," says Jelks. "When moving too fast, you're likely relying on momentum to move the sliders, rather than the contraction of the muscle."

Best workout sliders

When picking exercise sliders, the biggest thing to consider is the type of floor you'll be working out on—whether it's carpet, hardwood, or even tile. "The best sliders are not expensive, but have a hard plastic surface on one side and a slightly cushioned cloth surface on the other side," notes Jelks. "This allows for flexibility when determining what surface you will be working out on." Here are some of the top-rated workout sliders on Amazon to help you jumpstart your indoor fitness routine.

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Synergee Core Sliders

Synergee Core Sliders

With over 8,000 glowing reviews, you can't go wrong with these simple, budget-friendly workout sliders. Available in a set of two, they function on carpet or hardwood floors—thanks to the dual-sided design—for an effective core workout that won't wake the neighbors. Easily toss them in your gym bag or luggage to exercise on the go.

To buy: Synergee Core Sliders, $9 for 2;

Core Exercise Sliders

Core Exercise Sliders

Take these double-sided core sliders with you absolutely anywhere as they glide like butter on nearly any surface, including tile. An Amazon reviewer even claimed they conveniently double as furniture sliders for hard-to-move sofas and tables. 

To buy: Core Exercise Sliders, $7 for 2;

TruCore Premium Core Sliders

Trucore Premium Core Sliders

New to workout sliders? These exercise discs from Trucore come complete with a workout guide to help you get started on your slider journey. One customer mentioned the sturdiness of the material, making them sure to last through plenty of workouts throughout the new year. Lace up and get sliding.

To buy: Trucore Premium Core Sliders, $7 for 2;

A AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders

AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders

According to reviewers, these stylish workout sliders are easy on the joints and fun, and help you squeeze in an ab-burning workout on nearly any surface. Available in three chic colors with a 12-exercise workout guide included, these gliders are your ultimate tool for building balance and a strong core.

To buy: AZURELIFE Exercise Core Sliders, $9 for 2;

MANYTONEZ Core Sliders with Straps

MANYTONEZ Core Sliders with Straps

Complete with foot straps to ensure your grip and that your feet stay in place, these workout sliders are great for beginners looking to get an at-home workout. Plus shoppers loved that the material protects your floors from marks and scuffs.

To buy: MANYTONEZ Core Sliders with Straps, $16 for 2;

AmazonBasics Double Sided Core Exercise Gliding Sliders

AmazonBasics Double Sided Core Exercise Gliding Sliders

Straight from Amazon itself, these double-sided workout sliders simply get the job done. Great for feet of all sizes, these minimalist but mighty core sliders are perfect for mountain climbers, lunges, and so much more. Reviewers noted that they work equally well on carpet and hardwood floors, and really helped to intensify their workouts.

To buy: AmazonBasics Double Sided Core Exercise Gliding Sliders, $15 for 2;

Enshey Exercise Sliders Discs

Enshey Exercise Sliders Discs

These uniquely-shaped sliders were made for both hands and feet, allowing for the maximum range of exercises including Pilates, yoga, dance, and more. Reviewers raved about the durable design, which aids in overall balance. They even slide on turf, according to one Amazon reviewer. For a practical, well-designed pair of core gliders, look no further.

To buy: Enshey Exercise Sliders Discs, $19 for 2;

SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs

Made for hardwood, tile, travertine, ceramic, marble, granite, linoleum, laminate, mats, and polished cement (really, what can't you use them on?), one Amazon reviewer said these are the only workout sliders they'd buy again and again. Their large size makes them suitable for any foot size and the grooved grip prevents your feet from slipping. Ideal for hands and feet, these exercise discs are worth the investment.

To buy: SKLZ Slidez Dual-Sided Exercise Glider Discs, $25 for 2;

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