And it's become *so* popular among fitness buffs and outdoorsy folk that sales for towel increased by over 5,000 percent in one weekend.
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It seems like every summer is hotter than the last, and adding protective face masks into the mix only contributes even more to the heat. But if you’re dedicated to your summer workouts or to socially distancing outside, there are still ways to keep cool—even when the temperature pushes pass the 90s and hits triple digits.

On top of wearing sweat-wicking fabrics and breathable face coverings, keeping a cooling neck wrap or cooling towel close at hand is a smart idea. These towels are portable and affordable solutions that ensure you don't get too toasty. How exactly? Once the cooling technology is activated (you've got to soak it in water), the towel cools you down through evaporation—the same way your body does when you sweat. 

But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the best one? Well, this past weekend, one cooling towel, in particular, increased in sales by 5,159 percent, according to Amazon’s Movers and Shakers page. Meet the Bogi Cooling Towel (from $9;, which is made of soft, bamboo fiber and can stay chilled for up to three hours—perfect for all your activities, from park outings and beach days to walks with your dog and workouts.

The process for “activating” the towel is simple: Run it under cool water, wring it out, snap it a few times, and voilà. The water evaporates quickly—thanks to the towel’s mesh design—so when you’re ready to use it, it'll keep you cool without leaving you soaking wet.

BOGI Cooling Towel for Instant Cooling
Credit: Amazon

Amazon customers are huge fans, saying they use the towels for everything from cooling down after long runs and HIIT workouts to combatting annoying hot flashes. And unlike other cooling towels, shoppers swear these actually feel soft and stay that way whether they’re wet or dry. 

If you have plans to be outside all day, this towel really comes in handy. In summer, you can use it to cool yourself or your kids off and get back to enjoying the time outdoors without missing a beat. “After using them at Disney World in the 95+ degree heat and high humidity, I can honestly say that they were a godsend for us and they really do work,” wrote one five-star reviewer.

Plus, the Bogi towel comes in a bottle with a carrying clip that can be conveniently attached to gym bags, backpacks, and purses, so you won’t need to schlep it around and can stay hands-free. If you know you’ll be using it throughout the day, add water to the bottle so the towel can be re-chilled with each use. And if you’d rather wear it, the towel easily fashions into a bandana, scarf, or headband with a few folds. 

It's available in two sizes (medium and large) and eight different colorways, and you can purchase one for just $9 or snap up a set of two for $15—so that you have a clean one if the other is in your laundry bag. At such an affordable price point, it's no wonder this towel has become such a hot commodity among fitness buffs, parents, outdoor adventurers, and even those with medical conditions. Shop it ASAP so you stay cool this summer. 

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