The 8 Best Peloton Alternatives of 2022, According to Customer Reviews

Save money and still get a great workout with these affordable home exercise bikes.

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If you're not one of Peloton's current one million subscribers, you've likely still considered giving the exercise bike a go. But with a minimum price of $1,885—and deliveries backordered for up to 10 weeks—it's not for everyone. Luckily, savvy shoppers have determined the perfect budget-friendly alternative: Buying a more affordable stationary bike and pairing it with a $13 monthly subscription to Peleton's digital streaming app.

These are the best Peloton alternatives to shop on Amazon in 2022:

Most exercise bikes have a media holder for your tablet or smartphone, so you can follow along with a workout of your choice at no extra cost. While your bike won't directly connect to the streaming platform like a Peloton would, you can still follow class videos and use your machine's built-in monitors to track your stats. Bonus: You can also skip the subscription altogether and opt for free workout guides or online spin classes, if you decide the Peloton program isn't for you.

Either way, a stationary bike won't just be a fun addition to your home gym, but also a practical one. It's adjustable—both for height and resistance—which makes it a great option for sharing with multiple people. Not to mention, home exercise bikes are typically smaller and lighter than other cardio machines, like ellipticals or treadmills, for the perfect low-impact workout. Most importantly, you can find a high-quality exercise bike for less than $500.

But even if you know what you're looking for, shopping online for a stationary bike can be a hassle. Below, we break down the 8 best Peloton alternatives to give you a killer workout in the comfort of your home.

Best Overall: Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

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No bike can recreate the exact experience of a Peloton, but this Echelon comes close. The Ex-15 is one of Echelons low-ticket options, but still has the brand's signature sturdy frame, ergonomic design, and padded handlebar. A great choice for newbies and experienced riders alike, the bike has 32 levels of magnetic resistance to take you from a scenic ride to a difficult uphill climb in the turn of a dial. Additional details—like an extra large, cushioned seat and adjustable foot cages—emphasize comfort to make the bike worth every last penny. Echelon also has its own streaming application, which can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet. Riders can use the app to view their stats during a ride, or purchase a subscription for access to unlimited classes for $20 a month.

Rave Review: "Trust me when I say, I researched non-stop to find the best Peloton dupe. I watched every YouTube review. I compared and contrasted. Stop here. This bike is awesome! Being able to connect through Bluetooth to see your stats while listening to Peloton classes is perfect. Get this bike! It's really pretty too, if that's important to you."

Price at time of publication: $500

Best for a Quiet Ride: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike with LCD Monitor

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No one wants to hear the 'ca-chunk' of a bike gear in the early morning, but that's the only time to ride for some of us. Luckily, this Sunny Health & Fitness bike promises a quiet ride no matter how hard you're working. It not only uses a belt drive instead of a chain drive, which helps to keep your pedaling quick and quiet, but also has felt padding on the resistance system to keep the noise level down when coming to a stop. Attach your tablet to the holder to take classes—including bespoke workouts from Sunny Health and Fitness' website—or zone out to your favorite playlist. Either way, you'll get a full range of workout stats on the attached LCD monitor, which displays time, speed, distance, and calories.

Rave Review: "I did a lot of research, and all good reviews pointed back to this manufacturer for my budget. Honestly, I was nervous about this since it was so affordable. But it's a very quiet and smooth ride [with] nice resistance for seated and hill climbs. It's a very sturdy bike, but it's easy to move using the wheels. The 'computer' is very basic, but it's angled and easy to read."

Price at time of publication: $299

Best for Beginners: Schwinn Indoor Cycling Bike Series IC3

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Schwinn has been around for decades—and chances are, it even made your first bike. No need to worry about training wheels for this Schwinn, however: It's beginner-friendly and ready to ride. While a bit pricer than other options, the super adjustable design is a great choice for someone not accustomed to riding since it allows you to sit in a more upright position as you perfect your form. And with 40 pounds of resistance, it offers a challenging workout with stats like RPM and distance displayed on the easy-to-read LCD screen. Plus, the ventilated seat can be fully customized (up, down, forward, and back) to fit the bike to your specific needs.

Rave Review: "My wife and I wanted a Peloton bike, but it's $2,000.00 each (and it's not even a perimeter weighted wheel, which is a must for a spin bike). We searched endlessly for the perfect bike and this is it. We ordered two!"

Price at time of publication: $799

Best With Heart Rate Monitor: Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rear Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

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Most at-home stationary bikes display general stats like speed and distance, but they don't always track your heart rate. Not this Sunny bike, however, which puts your heart rate literally at your fingertips (or rather palms) with a built-in pulse sensors in the padded handlebars Not only does the bike make heart rate training easier, but it has a solid build and quiet belt system, as well as floor levelers that keep your bike sturdy (even if your floor isn't). This model doesn't have a media rack, though, so you may want to invest in a phone or tablet holder for the full Peloton experience.

Rave Review: "Most spin bikes feel like a clunky mountain bike at first, then slowly start to feel like a road bike once you are cruising. With this bike, it just felt natural. Acceleration feels smooth. I love 'climbing' with this bike and the resistance is just right."

Price at time of publication: $700

Most Durable: MaxKare Stationary Bike

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Some stationary bikes can feel a little iffy, especially when your feet are strapped in, but this model promises a wobble-free ride. It has a weight limit of 330 pounds—which is 30 to 70 pounds more than most models—making it a great choice for taller or stockier builds. An extra wide seat prioritizes comfort, while a belt-driven system keeps noise levels down. The bike also has a media holder, which fits both smartphones and tablets comfortably, and an LCD monitor to display workout stats. And while some stationary bikes can be difficult to move, this one has small wheels on the front that make it a bit easier—simply tilt and roll to the best view.

Rave Review: "I purchased this bike because I could not justify a Peloton. However, I do use the Peloton app with it, and am in LOVE. I use at least five times per week. It was easy to put together. The seat is very comfortable (I have used other spin bikes and felt like I got beat up because the seat was so hard and uncomfortable). Overall, [I] give this five stars and highly recommend."

Best Compact: Ativa Fit Folding Exercise Bike

Ativa Fit Folding Exercise Bik

If you have a studio apartment, or simply don't want an exercise bike as part of your permanent decor, this foldable option is for you. Not much larger than a standard ironing board, it can slip easily under a bed or into a closet between uses. While you won't be able to get as vigorous of a workout as you would on a standard fitness bike, it has eight resistance levels, as well as a monitor for insights on distance, pace, time, calories, and even pulse. The design of this bike also has riders sitting much more upright, making it a great choice for people with back pain thanks to the less aggressive body positioning.

Rave Review: "I ordered this bike after considering the Peloton and other expensive bikes. It's small enough for limited spaces, but sturdy and solid. It's heavy to pick up, but easily manageable with the two front wheels. I rolled it from a closet storage to my living room, and climbed aboard. I tried all of the tension settings and found all of them workable. You can track your distance, speed, time, and heart rate on the monitor easily."

Price at time of publication: $170

Best Budget: MaxKare Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

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Another folding model, this one has an added bonus—resistance bands for a true full-body workout. Its chair-like bike seat is designed to sit recumbent, semi-recumbent, or upright, making it suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Choose from eight resistance levels and track your stats (including your heart rate) on the display screen. There's also room to place a phone or tablet on the monitor, but it covers the monitor screen.

Rave Review: "I couldn't believe how sturdy the frame was. Very impressed! No creaking as I pedaled harder and faster...virtually no noise at all. And since we placed this bike in our family room next to the couch, my wife and I can each enjoy our TV shows with no distraction while the bike is being used."

Best Ratings: YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

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Despite accumulating 9,100 reviews, this Yosuda bike has managed to maintain an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon—and it's easy to see why it's become a crowd favorite. The design is sturdy, quiet, and highly adjustable, but costs less than $400. Customers love that it's easy to assemble, and many noted that it performed above and beyond what they expected for its price point. The seat is well padded and adjustable, making it comfortable even on your longest rides, and the gradual resistance adjuster gives a similar feeling to road riding. Even the water bottle holder is placed on the frame in an easy-to-reach position, proving every last detail was taken into consideration.

Rave Review: "It's very well built with a solid frame, and easy to assemble and operate. It's also easy to move, so I can take it out to my deck when the weather is nice. Now my mom is falling in love with this bike and she is on it almost every day!"

Price at time of publication: $440

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