30 Cyber Monday Home Gym Deals That'll Have You Rethinking Your Gym Membership

Save up to $1,100 on exercise bikes, adjustable dumbbells, treadmills, and more.
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I'll be honest—motivating myself to work out every day is not an easy task. After a long day at work or a night of not enough sleep, I'm not exactly eager to drag myself to the gym and get a sweat on. But a huge game changer in creating a consistent fitness regimen was investing in a few high-quality pieces of gym equipment that I could use in my own home.

And right now, there's a ton of good fitness equipment on sale for Cyber Monday (as if Black Friday deals weren't enough.) You can save on cardio machines, such as this Bowflex treadmill that's currently $1,100 off, or the NordicTrack stationary bike that's 44%off. For people who prefer strength training to cardio, not to fear. Weightlifting racks, adjustable dumbbells, and other gym gear from top brands are also on sale for Cyber Monday.

Since the whole point of having a home gym is to make fitness more convenient, you don't need a bunch of bulky gadgets taking up space—and that's where compact equipment comes in. This NordicTrack treadmill, for example, can easily be folded up when not in use to make room for other activities. The Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set weighs as little as five pounds and up to 52 pounds, eliminating the need for multiple sets of weights that clutter your workout space. And you can even save $500 on a high-tech workout mirror that'll look like a chic piece of decor when not in use. 

Whether your home gym is nearly complete or you've just started researching the best weight benches, cardio equipment, and free weights, Cyber Monday is a great time to make a purchase without having to overspend. Keep reading to shop the best home gym equipment on sale this year.

Best Complete Home Gym Systems 

Building out a home gym doesn't have to require a ton of extra space or loads of fitness equipment. These complete systems offer a new way to workout from home, whether it's an interactive smart mirror that creates customized fitness plans or a compact trainer that offers both strength training and cardio workouts. Below, find the best deals and save up to $500 on a home gym system.

bowflex spin bike
Credit: Courtesy of Bowflex

Best Stationary Bikes

Get in a killer cardio workout while streaming on-demand fitness classes from the comfort of your home. These stationary bikes allow you to attend live virtual classes with trainers, track your progress over time, and train alongside other cyclists around the world. Shop some of the top stationary bikes on sale, including the Bowflex C6, which includes a year of free virtual classes, or the NordicTrack stationary bike, which has on-demand workouts for both on and off the bike. 

Best Weight Benches and Strength Equipment

Having the right weight equipment can improve your at-home strength training by helping you target specific muscles on every rep. Adjustable weight benches allow you to complete both upper and lower body exercises by folding into a seated position or laying flat, like this top-rated option on Amazon. Other weight training sets, like this multifunctionale pull-up bar, allow you to safely complete upper body exercises in your own home. Shop the best strength equipment on sale below. 

Cyber Monday treadmill deals
Credit: Bowflex

Best Treadmills

Logging a few quality miles doesn't have to depend on the weather. These top-rated treadmills allow you to get your daily steps in, walk at an incline, or go for a run without having to brave the cold. On selelct models, you'll even be able to track your workout, take virtual cardio classes, and view your progress over time through a connected app. 

Best Rowing Machines

For those who want a calorie-burning cardio workout that also builds strength, a rowing machine is a great low-impact option. You'll be able to change the machine's resistance, target multiple muscle groups at a time, and take virtual classes by connecting your rower to a monthly fitness subscription. The rowing machine can be folded up and stored away when not in use, too, making it easy to transition your home fitness center back into a normal living space. 

Credit: Courtesy of Bowflex

Best Adjustable Dumbbells and Weight Sets

Instead of buying a bunch of different dumbbell sets every time you're ready to increase your weight, adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells make it easy to add or decrease weight in the middle of your workout. With separate stackable pieces that can be attached for heavier reps or removed for lighter weight, these home gym essentials are great space-saving options that eliminate the need for an entire rack of dumbbells. Plus, they're as much as $100 off  for Cyber Monday. 

Best Fitness Trackers

Monitor your heart rate, log a workout, and even see how your body responds to stress with high-tech wearable fitness trackers. Smart watches not only help you analyze your workout, but also allow you to see an in-depth look at your overall health by connecting the watch to an app on your smartphone. Shop some of the best wearable fitness tech for as much as $150 off today.