Cheer each other on as you crush rep after rep.

Updated October 25, 2020

Most things in life are more fun if you do them with your bestie, and that includes exercise. Of course, sweating solo is still effective, but research suggests working out with a buddy may motivate you to work twice(!) as hard. Translation: You’ll have a better time and get better results. Talk about a win-win.

We aren’t the only ones who love getting active with friends. Our panel of personal trainers had the cutest responses when we asked them why they love exercising with others in this video. “The best thing about working out with a buddy is the joy of being able to share the workout together,” said celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins. “So if you’re struggling, you’re struggling together.” It’s true: Challenges can feel way less difficult when you’re tackling them with a partner instead of on your own.

Another benefit of getting fit with a friend? When you make plans to work out with someone else, you’re both more likely to show up. After all, you’re relying on each other. Just ask NW Method founder Nicole Winhoffer: “To show up for a friend is really important, and sometimes it’s easier than showing up for ourselves,” she says.

So what are you waiting for? Text your friend (or your sister, your co-worker… you get the point) for an exercise date, stat. If you’re both into yoga, make a plan to get zen together. More of a HIIT fan? Cheer each other on as you crush rep after rep. It all works—and it’s probably going to be way more fun with her by your side.