Because why not squat down aisle four?


When Sia Cooper, blogger for the website, posted a video of herself crushing squats and lunges while pushing her daughter in a shopping cart at Target, she didn't expect it to go viral. After all, what's wrong with strengthening your lower body while you run errands? But after one commenter called Cooper out for her mini sweat session, she was inspired to take her workout routine to even more retailers.

"So someone negatively commented yesterday that I should’ve done my video in Walmart because I would’ve fit in better (in regards to my viral Target workout video) referring to the common thought that Walmart is a crazy, trashy place," the blogger wrote in the caption of a second video shared on her Instagram page last week. "Soooo... I did!"

In the second clip, Cooper's son sits in the shopping cart while she completes another workout with her daughter strapped to her chest in a baby carrier. To make the exercise even tougher, the fitness influencer incorporates store items like bottles of water and an ottoman to add extra weight and resistance.

Don’t think the super-strong mother of two stopped there, though. Cooper proved she can also get sweaty in an upscale market when she posted a third grocery store workout just two days later. This time, Whole Foods was her gym.

"Grabbed some snacks for the kiddos while grabbing a quick workout, too. Cause why not?” she captioned the clip, in which she demonstrates curtsy squats, twisting lunges, and bicep curls (with wine bottles!) in the store, all with her daughter strapped to her back.

We give Cooper major kudos for proving that you can get fit anywhere—including while you fill your shopping cart. Fitspo in aisle five!