Fitbit recalled the wearable Force tracker on Friday, after months of users complaining about blisters, rashes, and itchy dry patches on their wrists.


Fitbit recalled one of its trackers on Friday, after months of complaints about skin irritation from users of the wearable device.

The company launched the Force, an activity and sleep tracker, in October 2013. Soon after its release, people who used the wristband—which logs steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, and more—began to complain on Fitbit forums about blisters, rashes, and itchy dry patches on their wrists, according to the Washington Post. On January 14, the company said it would offer refunds or exchanges to anyone who experienced skin irritation. Then last week, Fitbit decided to recall the product "out of an abundance of caution," according to TechCrunch.

Fitbit co-founder and Chief Executive James Park said in a statement that independent lab tests ruled out problems with the battery and electrical systems. Park said that users are mostly likely experiencing allergic contact dermatitis either from the nickel in the stainless steel used in the device, the materials in the strap, or the adhesives used to put the product together.

"To our Force community, rest assured we’re working on our next-generation tracker and will announce news about it soon,"Park said in the statement.

To get a refund for a Fitbit Force, go to or call 888-656-6381. Fitbit will send you a return kit and once they receive your device, you'll be sent a reimbursement check within 2 to 6 weeks for the full retail price ($129).