The wearable features some serious upgrades that will help take your workouts to the next level.

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated August 28, 2017
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For all the gadget fans out there, Fitbit just announced its next wearable: the Ionic Watch. With all the classic features you know and love (step count, calorie burn, sleep tracking, text and call alerts, reminders to get up and move), the timepiece—which will be available this fall for $300—also includes some major upgrades.

For one, the watch's large screen allows you to easily check call, text, and calendar alerts—as well as notifications from your smartphone apps, including Instagram and Snapchat. It also stores all sorts of handy apps, including a weather app and Starbucks app.


What's more, the Ionic can hold hundreds of songs and stream playlists from Pandora, so you can go phone-free during your workouts and still have access to plenty of motivating tunes. Unlike previous Fitbit gadgets, which are equipped to handle sweat and rain, the Ionic is truly water-resistant, and can actually dive with you up to 50 meters.

Another perk? You can connect your credit cards, and scan the display screen to make smart payments (meaning you can now pick up post-run smoothies sans wallet).

There are also new adds any runner will appreciate. For example, the run detect feature automatically starts GPS tracking as soon as you start pounding the pavement (because who hasn't forgotten to hit "go"!). It also auto-pauses whenever you stop to grab water or break at a crosswalk.

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Then there's the gadget's personal coaching capability, Fitbit Coach. It allows you to do workouts with guidance, including demos of various exercise moves, and audio coaching during sweat sessions or outdoor runs. Don't like a particular move, or find the workout too easy? You can input your feedback, and the workouts will adapt to better match your skill level and preferences.

The ionic isn't the only new product the company is releasing this fall. Fitbit is also debuting its first wireless headphones, the Fitbit Flyer, which will to connect to the Ionic and other Bluetooth devices.

Also coming soon: the Fitbit Aria 2, the second generation of the company's wi-fi smart scale. It measures weight, body fat, lean mass, and BMI; and lets you track your progress over time on its app. The scale is also compatible with Fitbit's watches and bands, so you can get a clearer picture of how all that activity you're doing is actually impacting your body.