Michelle Obama posted a video of herself exercising in the White House gym on Twitter after a cheeky challenge from the President.

By Julie Mazziotta
Updated May 20, 2015

High fives all around for First Lady Michelle Obama! The FLOTUS has been a champion for fitness and healthy eating through her Let’s Move campaign since shortly after her husband took office. And now, as part of her recent #GimmeFive challenge, we finally have a sneak peak at how she follows her own advice in the gym.

The video, posted on Twitter in response to a cheeky challenge from President Barack Obama in his own #GimmeFive video last week, does not disappoint. These moves are intense—FLOTUS obviously does not mess around in the gym.

She first shows off her jump rope skills, going from your basic hops to some crazy cross-legged footwork, into what looks like CrossFit-style double unders. She fills out her five with some weighted exercises using a medicine ball and free weights, plus a twist on box jumps, before finishing it off with a bout of boxing. Whew!

The #GimmeFive challenge started back in February to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Let's Move. The goal is to encourage people to give out (virtual or IRL) high-fives for being active and eating right, and posting five ways they keep up with their health on social media. Vice President Joe Biden, Ellen Degeneres, and even Beyoncé have sweated it up for us so far.

The best thing about these videos? They’re the perfect workout inspiration, with moves that we can easily do on our own. Just remember, as Mrs. Obama reminds us, to “drink up!