With the weekend so close you can taste it, aim to use your free time wisely. It’s no shocker that Friday night through Sunday we’ve all been known to fall off the wagon a little when it comes to healthy eating and working out. But don't let guilt over a Saturday night splurge ruin your Sunday.

To help keep your head up and your goals in sight, we’ve rounded up some serious motivation from Pinterest.

Spotted: Our former cover girl Jillian Michaels!
If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, you know Michaels can instill some serious fear--um, we mean determination--in even the biggest couch potatoes.

Credit: via Kelly on Pinterest Ditch the mean girl attitudeJealousy doesn't look good on anyone, so stop wasting your time coveting the fit abs of friends (or models or Olympic athletes, etc.), and focus on your own attainable fitness goals.
| Credit: Andrew Macpherson
Credit: via Samantha on Pinterest There’s no such thing as can’tContinue to tell yourself you CAN achieve the impossible, and pretty soon, it will become possible. Yes, you can!
Credit: Fitness and faithfulness on Facebook via Ann on Pinterest Fierce and fashionableYou know how slipping on that new outfit can make you feel like a million bucks? Slip these neon Nikes on and go for a billion instead! Fitness and fashion make a great pair.
Credit: via Hannelie on Pinterest Here’s the proofMeghan is an alumna of our “I Did It” team of real women who lost the weight and kept it off. If they can do it, so can you!
Credit: via Health magazine on Pinterest