Work Out New York star Holly Rilinger has the perfect answer when people who tell her they don't have time to exercise.

By Alison Mango
September 29, 2016
Getty Images

Ever feel like you just can’t get motivated to exercise? Or that you don’t have enough time in your day to fit even the quickest of workouts? We’ve all been there. Even if you’ve set yourself up for success—you’ve laid out your gym clothes the night before (or even slept in them!), you’ve put together a high-energy playlist, you have a friend waiting to meet you—sometimes even the thought of a delicious brunch isn’t enough to get you going.

Good news: we think we've discovered a potentially life-changing motivational trick, courtesy of Holly Rilinger, a celebrity trainer, FlyWheel master instructor, and Nike master trainer, as well as a trainer featured on Work Out New York.

It's all about shifting your mindset: “If you’re going to say, ‘I don’t have enough time to work out,’ you should say instead, ‘it’s not important enough to me to work out,’” Rilinger says. Whenever you find yourself low on motivation, or feeling like you’re short on time, she says that this subtle change can make a huge difference. “If you change that, you’re going to change the way you think,” she says. “And see what happens.”

Rilinger, who gave us this gem during a Facebook Live segment, also dished with us on her morning ritual, how she uses meditation to stay focused, the essential items she always keeps in her gym bag, and the one thing she recommends that her clients do every day for wellness. Watch the video above for all of her great tips.