This sports bra from Enell delivers extra support for runners with larger chests.

By Devan McGuinness
August 30, 2017
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As a mom to four young kids, I desperately needed an outlet that would give me some time to myself, and running seemed like the perfect fit, since I wouldn't need a lot of equipment. Plus, something about the idea of my feet repeatedly pounding the pavement sounded meditative.

But finding the right exercise gear for my new hobby proved to be a bigger challenge than I had anticipated. As a larger-chested woman, I was always told that running would probably be painful—and every time I tried to run, that theory was confirmed. Running hurt, and it made me uncomfortable.I tried every trick in the book, such as wearing two sports bras, but my mind was always hyper-aware of the pain in my back and the movement happening on my chest.I didn't want to give up my dreams of becoming a runner, so I needed to find the right workout gear for my shape.

I knew I couldn't be the only one who needed more support from her sports bra, so I read every online review I could find.I bought numerous styles from different brands, all of which ended up not being quite right. And then, finally, I found it: after spending hours on various running message boards, someone recommended the Enell Sport bra ($64;,


The moment put it on, I thought to myself, This is going to work. It fit like a glove with no uncomfortable chafing. I felt secure—there was zero bounce, but I could still move around comfortably. Most importantly, I could run pain-free. I was thrilled when I didn't have to ice down my back and shoulders after my first workout in the Enell. It was truly like magic.

Since finding this perfect workout companion, my fitness routine has been transformed. There's no greater feeling than getting into that "running zone" and finding mental clarity, and now I can run faster and stay in the zone for longer. This bra also means no exercise is off-limits to me; I can try new workout classes without worrying that I'm going to injure myself. And after being told all my life that I was never going to be a runner because of the shape of my body, it's an incredible feeling to prove everyone wrong.