Sometimes a little positive self-talk is all you need.

October 11, 2018

Emily Skye is a social media star and fitness force to be reckoned with. But like the rest of us, she has those days when life feels totally overwhelming. We wanted to know how she pushes through those challenging moments. In other words, how does she motivate herself to keep going when all she wants to do is quit?

In the video above, Skye, an ambassador for Good American (Khloe Kardashian’s activewear brand), shares her go-to mantra, which can be applied in pretty much any situation--whether you’re struggling at work or during a workout.

When she’s swamped or frustrated or stuck in a rut, Skye reminds herself that nothing lasts forever. “If I’m going through a tough time, I remind myself that I’m stronger than I think I am, and I’m capable, and I will get through this,” says Skye.

Exercising and speaking to herself in an encouraging, positive way helps her to cope, feel better, and believe that she really can accomplish anything.

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