Tone Your Glutes With This Resistance Band Workout from Emily Skye

The social media star shared her go-to moves for perking up your booty.

Emily Skye

Certified personal trainer Emily Skye wants to make sure you don't neglect your glutes during your next leg day workout. The social media star from Australia's Gold Coast spoke with Health about the importance of activating these muscles, which can have a powerful impact on your entire body. Not only do glute exercises firm up that booty, but they also help undo some of the damage from sitting at a desk all day.

"A lot of people have weak glutes because they spend a lot of time sitting down, which switches 'off' the glutes," she says. "This puts a lot of pressure on the lower back, hips, knees, and feet."

Strengthening your glutes can also make it easier for you to correctly perform other lower body moves, she adds, like squats, lunges, and dead lifts.

Skye's go-to glute activation workout is easy to do at home. In this video she posted on Facebook, she demonstrates a few of her favorite moves: squats, monster walks, and crab walks, all of which employ a handy resistance band.

"I love using a band to work on lateral hip stability, pelvic control, and general mobility of the hips," she says. "The hip is multi-directional, which means it moves in three planes of motion. Adding a band creates a challenge, firing up the glutes just a little bit more."

Emily Skye's Killer Glute-Burning Resistance Band Workout

20 crab walks (2 steps at a time)

12 monster walks (up 6, back 6)

20 band squats

Complete 5 rounds with as little rest as possible.

Skye recommends doing this sequence either as a warm-up before leg exercises, or alone to specifically target your glutes. And before you get started, pay close attention to your posture: "It's important to ensure your posture is correct by setting yourself up properly," she says. "Otherwise, you're only going to make any imbalance worse."

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