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By Susan Brickell
Updated January 08, 2020

Dwayne Johnson is a very, very busy guy. Hollywood star, workout-aholic, and family man (cue theaww's), you may or may not be aware that The Rock is also an activewear designer—which makes sense, as Johnson certainly knows his way around a gym. The best news? His newest fitness collection with Under Armour launched on today.

Credit: Courtesy of Under Armour

The latest Project Rock collection, called All Day Hustle (the most relatable name ever), has pieces for both men and women that are meant to be durable and work just as hard as you do.

Johnson wanted to create a full suite of women's apparel to match a campaign that showcases how badass women are. In the collection, you'll find everything from workout tanks to a sexy sports bra, compression leggings to workout-friendly headphones. There's even a rugged black bomber jacket we are totally coveting. The common theme? You can sweat it out in this gear and be confident that it'll keep up with you in your barre class or your most intense HIIT session.

Credit: Courtesy of Under Armour

"The All Day Hustle collection is inspired by my personal philosophy that our daily, consistent training in the gym becomes our anchor that drives success in all other aspects of life," says Johnson in a press release. The pieces in the collection should align with your inner badass and help you to feel strong enough to "walk through that MF'n jungle," he adds. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Credit: Courtesy of Under Armour

"Finding strength in the struggle. Joy in the grind. Excitement in the challenge. Always recognizing that the project of ‘you’ is never finished," Johnson says of the collection on "Because there is always more work to do."